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Language: Mindoro Tagalog

Source/Author:  Native Tagalog speaker 
Notes:  Accent marks follow Spanish accentuation rules. Caret mark indicates glottal stop at the end of the word. 
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ID: Word: Item: Annotation: Cognacy: Loan:
83 to work word info      
1 hand kamay      
2 left kaliwâ      
3 right kanan      
4 leg/foot bintî      
4 leg/foot paa      
5 to walk lumákad Root: lákad    
6 road/path daan      
6 road/path landás      
7 to come dumatíng Root: datíng    
8 to turn word info lumikô Root: likô    
9 to swim lumangoy Root: langoy    
10 dirty madumí Root: dumí    
10 dirty marumí      
11 dust alikabok Abó is ash    
12 skin balat      
13 back word info likod      
14 belly tiyán      
15 bone butó      
16 intestines bituka      
17 liver atay      
18 breast suso      
19 shoulder balíkat      
20 to know, be knowledgeable malaman Root: alam; loanword from Arabic L  
21 to think isipin Root: ísip    
22 to fear matákot Root: tákot    
22 to fear maduwag duwag    
23 blood dugô      
24 head ulo      
25 neck leeg Pronounced: leh-EGG    
26 hair word info buhok      
27 nose ilong      
28 to breathe humingá Pronounced: who ming AH    
29 to sniff, smell singhutín Root: singhot    
29 to sniff, smell amuyín amoy    
30 mouth bibig      
30 mouth bunganga      
31 tooth ngipin      
31 tooth ipin      
32 tongue dila      
33 to laugh tumawa Root: tawa    
34 to cry umiyak Root: iyak    
35 to vomit sumuka      
36 to spit lumurâ Root: lurâ    
36 to spit dumurâ durâ    
37 to eat kumain Root: kain [KUH in]    
38 to chew word info nguyaín Root: nguyâ    
39 to cook word info lutuin Root: luto    
40 to drink inumín Root: inom    
41 to bite kagatín Root: kagat    
42 to suck sipsipín Root: sipsip    
43 ear tainga Pronounced: tie NGUH    
44 to hear madingig Root: dinig    
44 to hear madinig      
45 eye matá      
46 to see makita      
47 to yawn humakay Root: hakay    
47 to yawn humikab hikab    
48 to sleep tumúlog Root: túlog    
49 to lie down word info humigâ Root: higâ    
50 to dream managínip      
51 to sit umupô Root: upô    
52 to stand tumayô Root: tayô    
52 to stand tumindig tindig    
53 person/human being tao Pronounced: TAH oh    
54 man/male lalaki      
55 woman/female babae      
56 child anak      
57 husband asawang lalaki Asawa is a neutral word; both applies to husband and wife    
58 wife asawang babae      
59 mother iná      
60 father amá      
61 house báhay      
62 thatch/roof atip      
62 thatch/roof bubóng      
63 name pangalan Root: ngalan    
64 to say sabihin Root: sabi    
65 rope lúbid      
65 rope tali      
66 to tie up, fasten itali Root: tali    
66 to tie up, fasten igapos gapos    
67 to sew word info tahiín Pronounced:tuh he IN; Base word: tahî,    
68 needle karáyom      
69 to hunt word info mangaso Pronounced: ma NGUH soh    
70 to shoot word info panain Root: pana    
71 to stab, pierce saksakin Root: saksak    
72 to hit word info paluin Loanword <Spanish palo: stick> L  
73 to steal nakawin Root: nákaw    
74 to kill patayín Root: patay    
75 to die, be dead mamatay Root: patay    
76 to live, be alive mabúhay Root: buhay    
77 to scratch word info kamútin Root: kámot    
78 to cut, hack word info sibakín Root: sibák    
79 stick/wood patpat      
80 to split word info hatíin Root: hati    
81 sharp matalim Root: talím    
82 dull, blunt mapurol Root: puról    
84 to plant magtaním      
85 to choose mamílî Root: pílî    
86 to grow word info lumakí Root: laki    
86 to grow word info tumaás taás    
87 to swell word info mamagâ Root: magâ    
87 to swell word info magnána nanà    
88 to squeeze word info katasín Root: katás    
89 to hold word info hawákan Root: háwak    
90 to dig hukáyin Root: húkay    
91 to buy bumilí Root: bilí    
92 to open, uncover buksán Root: bukás    
93 to pound, beat word info bayuhín Root: bayó    
94 to throw word info batuhín Root: bató    
95 to fall word info malaglag Root: laglag    
96 dog áso      
97 bird íbon      
98 egg itlóg      
99 feather bagwís      
99 feather balahíbo      
100 wing pakpak      
101 to fly málipad Standard tagalog.: lílipad; Root: lipád    
102 rat dagâ      
103 meat/flesh lamán      
104 fat/grease tabâ      
105 tail buntot      
106 snake áhas áhas (general term)    
106 snake ulupóng      
107 worm (earthworm) buláte buláte (general term)    
107 worm (earthworm) anlalágo      
108 louse word info kúto      
108 louse word info lisâ      
109 mosquito lamok      
110 spider gagambá      
110 spider láwâ      
111 fish isdâ      
112 rotten word info bulok agnás (said of corpse)    
112 rotten word info agnás      
113 branch word info sangá Pronounced: sung UH    
114 leaf dahon      
115 root ugat      
116 flower bulaklak      
117 fruit bunga Pronounced: BOONG uh    
118 grass damó      
119 earth/soil lupâ      
120 stone bató      
121 sand buhángin Pronounced: boo HUH ngin    
122 water word info túbig      
123 to flow umágos Root: ágos    
124 sea dágat      
125 salt asín      
126 lake láwa      
127 woods/forest gúbat      
128 sky lángit      
129 moon buwan      
130 star bituín      
131 cloud word info úlap      
132 fog alapáap Hamóg means dew    
133 rain ulan      
134 thunder kulog      
135 lightning kidlat      
136 wind hángin      
137 to blow word info umíhip Root: íhip    
138 warm word info mabanás Root: banas    
138 warm word info maínit ínit    
139 cold word info magináw Root: gináw    
139 cold word info malamíg lamíg    
140 dry word info tuyô      
141 wet basâ      
142 heavy mabigat Root: bigát    
143 fire apoy      
144 to burn word info sunúgin Root: súnog    
145 smoke word info úsok      
146 ash abó      
147 black itim      
148 white putî      
149 red pulá      
150 yellow dilaw      
151 green berde Loaned<Spanish verde> L  
152 small malíit Root: liit    
153 big malakí RootL lakí    
154 short word info pandak      
155 long word info mahába Root: habâ    
156 thin word info manipís Root: nipís    
157 thick word info makapal Root; kapal    
158 narrow makípot Root: kípot    
159 wide malúang Root: luang    
160 painful, sick masakít Root: sakit    
161 shy, ashamed mahiyáin Root: hiyâ    
162 old word info matandâ Root: tandâ    
163 new bágo      
164 good mabúti Root: buti    
165 bad, evil masamâ Root: samâ    
166 correct, true támâ      
166 correct, true totoó      
167 night gabí      
168 day umága      
169 year taón      
170 when? word info kailán      
171 to hide word info itágo Root:tágo    
172 to climb word info umakyat Root: akyat    
173 at sa      
174 in, inside loob      
175 above itaás Root: taás    
176 below ibabâ Root: babâ    
177 this itó      
178 that iyán      
178 that yan      
179 near malápit      
180 far maláyo      
181 where? word info saán      
182 I akó      
183 thou kayó Said to elderly or stranger (with respect)    
183 thou silá      
184 he/she siyá      
185 we word info táyo      
185 we word info kamí      
186 you ikaw ikáw (sing.) kayó (plu.)    
187 they silá      
188 what? word info anó      
189 who? word info síno      
190 other ibá      
191 all lahat      
192 and at      
193 if kung      
194 how? word info paáno      
195 no, not hindí      
196 to count bilángin Root: bílang    
197 One word info isá      
198 Two word info dalawá      
199 Three word info tatló      
200 Four word info ápat      
201 Five word info limá      
202 Six word info ánim      
203 Seven word info pitó      
204 Eight word info waló      
205 Nine word info siyám      
206 Ten word info sampû      
207 Twenty word info dalawampû      
208 Fifty word info limampû      
209 One Hundred word info isang dáan      
209 One Hundred word info sandáan      
210 One Thousand word info isang líbo      
210 One Thousand word info sanlíbo      
103 meat/flesh karne Loaned<Spanish carne>   L

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